About Us

We intend to create an ecosystem, which would facilitate infrastructure development in the State of Punjab, therefore creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Our mission at Punjab Infrastructure Regulatory Authority (PIRA) is to provide a regulatory framework to ensure the success of Infrastructure projects in Punjab, especially dealing with new issues that arise from raised commercialization, competitions and private sector participation.

PIRA has been established in accordance to the Punjab Infrastructure ( Development & Regulation) Act 2002, with the following functions:-

  • to aid and advise the State Government in the formulation of appropriate policy or guidelines relating to tariff;
  • to conduct the public hearing regarding the approval of proposed infrastructure projects in terms Of section 30;
  • to determine, modify or vary the tariff on the basis of the concessions granted to the concessionaires and the interest of the consumer;
  • to regulate the working of the concessionaire and promote efficient, economical and equitable performance, including laying down standards of performance of the concessionaire in regard to the service to the consumer;
  • to adjudicate upon appeal preferred to it against an order passed by the Board or the State Government related to the approval of an infrastructure project or the award of a concession;
  • to adjudicate upon disputes inter-se two or more Concessionaires, operators of infrastructure projects, the State Government and the Board;

Initially PIRA's mandate was only for PIDB facilitated projects, but realizing the positive role. PIRA could play in the infrastructure sector, PIRA's mandate was enhanced by an amendment to the PIDRA Act 2002 in 2017, whereby the following function was included in PIRA's scope.

  • to adjudicate upon, as an Arbitrator, the disputes inter-se between two or more contractors, or a contractor/contractors, on one side and a Department, Public Sector Undertaking, Board, Corporation, Society or Agency under the control of the State Government on the other side, regarding the creation, development, maintenance and operation of infrastructure related projects and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto of the State Govt. under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (Act 26 of 1996), where the claimed amount is five crore rupees and above.

Thus PIRA envisages to create a professional environment for developing a functional infrastructure sector in Punjab and ensure user friendly, cost effective and speedy arbitration process.